Liverpool Airport Parking

For those of travelling from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, you may be quite pleased to find that there are several options you can take for Liverpool Airport Parking including various car parks and many resources you can take advantage of. When it comes to your car, why leave it outside the airport risking damage or theft while you are away? Look into your many choices for car parking in the airport and make the decision that will protect your vehicle.

There are several car parks to choose from at Liverpool Airport, and to get the best value for money you need to choose the car park most approporate for the duration of your stay.

• Short stay and pick-up
• Long stay
• Mid-stay
• Premium

The John Lennon Airport also offers several other services including the Pricebuster Long Stay Car Park which offers the best savings for pre-booked car parking reservations, slashing prices extremely low. There is also disabled parking available and a membership to take advantage of the best promotions.

In2 Car Parking

In2 Car Parking at the Liverpool Airport is another car park that offers premium safety for your vehicle while you are away. Your car will be stored in a secure Park Mark that is five minutes away from the airport, ensuring you have quick access. You will be provided with CCTV security coverage, a 13ft fence perimeter, and 24 hour a day dog patrols. This offers you a great cost-efficient method of safeguarding your vehicle offering prices as low as £25.

Sky Park

Another great and inexpensive car park is the Sky Park that offers service with direct transportation to the airport 90 seconds away. Your vehicle is protected by CCTV security monitoring devices that are in constant operation. There is also security lighting and high security fencing. The undercover car parking area is actually protected by heavy duty steel shutters and there are patrols monitoring the car park at all times. Disabled parking services are also available, with comprehensive services and assistance. With prices starting around £35, you are getting value, security, and convenience for yourself and your car.

Extra Services

This is a great service when you aren’t trying to get lost searching for the right car park. This service is provided by Sky Park, providing a chauffeur type experience in which your vehicle is transported to the car park as you depart and you are greeted when you arrive. You won’t have to worry about searching for the right place or fighting through long lines as the service is waiting on you.

Skyparksecure Chauffeur is another service that provides a drop-off and pick-up as determined per your schedule. You won’t have to wait around for your car as it will be waiting on you. You will be provided with safe shelter for your vehicle, ensuring that nothing happens to your transport when you are gone. With around the clock security and excellent and convenient services, you can save money while getting the best Liverpool airport parking available.


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